MBBS / MPH Internship Program

Supervisors for MBBS Internship

Dr. Deepashri Agrawal

Centre/Department: Centre for Brain Research

Email: deepashria@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Hearing, Speech perception, ABR, EEG, Cognition, System neuroscience, Dementia.

Lab website: https://cbr.iisc.ac.in/

Prof. Manish Arora

Centre/Department: Design and Manufacturing

Email: marora@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Biomedical Device Design.

Lab website: https://cpdm.iisc.ac.in/utsaah/

Prof. Kavita Babu

Centre/Department: Centre for Neurosciences

Email: kavitababu@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Using the free loving nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans to study neuron-muscle and neuron-neuron cross-talk.

Lab website: https://babulab.org/

Dr. Abhijit Biswas

Centre/Department: Design and Manufacturing

Email: abiswas@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: EMG based temporomandibular disorder and ECG based cardiac arrhythmia classification.

Lab website: https://www.inspirelab.top/

Prof. Dipshikha Chakravortty

Centre/Department: Microbiology and Cell Biology

Email: dipa@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Infectious disease, Immunology.

Lab website: https://mcbl.iisc.ac.in/dclab/

Dr. Debasis Das

Centre/Department: Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Email: debasisdas@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Enzymatic biofilm degradation.

Lab website: https://sites.google.com/view/ddlaboratory/home

Dr. Prosenjit Das

Centre/Department: Materials Engineering

Email: prosenjitdas@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Bio-inspired manufacturing targeting Orthodontic, Prosthodontic, orthopaedic applications.

Lab website: https://sites.google.com/view/ammpl/home?pli=1

Prof. Mrinmoy De

Centre/Department: Organic Chemistry

Email: md@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Development of Antibacterial Agents/Drug.

Lab website: https://orgchem.iisc.ac.in/mrinmoy_de/

Dr. Somnath Dutta

Centre/Department: Molecular Biophysics Unit

Email: somnath@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: The overarching goal of our laboratory is structural and functional characterization of biological macromolecules, which are associated with infectious diseases. My group targets to understand the role of virulence factors and their translocation mechanism through the secretion systems of the pathogenic bacteria, like M. tuberculosis, B. subtilis, S. aureus, and V. cholerae. Precisely, we target bacterial secretion system from M. tuberculosis and S. aureus, interactions of pore-forming toxin with lipid-membrane and receptors from S. aureus and V. cholerae, efflux of antibiotics through RND (Resistance-nodulation-division) pumps of drug-resistant bacteria (P. aeruginosa and E. coli).

We employ protein biochemistry, biophysical techniques, and cryo-EM techniques to characterize these biological macromolecules and visualize the crosstalk between various cellular protein components.

Lab website: https://somnath92.wixsite.com/website

Prof. Sandeep Eswarappa

Centre/Department: Biochemistry

Email: sandeep@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Mammalian gene expression.

Lab website: https://sites.google.com/view/dr-sandeep-m-eswarappa/people/current-members

Dr. Vini Gautam

Centre/Department: Centre for NanoScience and Engineering

Email: vini@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Biomaterials, bioelectronics, neuroscience, neuroelectronics.

Lab website: https://www.cense.iisc.ac.in/neuroelectronics/

Prof. Ambarish Ghosh

Centre/Department: Centre for NanoScience and Engineering

Email: ambarish@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Magnetic nanoswimmers for drug delivery and imaging.

Lab website: http://www.cense.iisc.ac.in/ambarish/

Prof. Namrata Gundiah

Centre/Department: Mechanical Engineering

Email: namrata@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Endothelial dysfunction and mechanobiology.

Lab website: https://mecheng.iisc.ac.in/namrata/

Prof. Thomas Gregor Issac

Centre/Department: Centre for Brain Research

Email: thomasgregor@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Predementia, Dementia Biomarkers, Risk and Preventive factors in dementia.

Lab website: https://cbr.iisc.ac.in/people/thomas-gregor-issac/

Prof. Balaji Jayaprakash

Centre/Department: Center for Neurosciences

Email: jbalaji@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Learning Memory and Cognition.

Lab website: https://cns.iisc.ac.in/balaji

Prof. Bratati Kahali

Centre/Department: Centre for Brain Research

Email: bratati@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Epidemiology, human genetics of cognition, neurodegeneration, and causal relationship with cardio-metabolic risk factors.

Lab website: https://cbr.iisc.ac.in/people/bratati-kahali/

Dr. Smitha Karunakaran

Centre/Department: Centre for Brain Research

Email: smitha@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: 1) The mechanisms underlying prodromal stages of Alzheimer’s disease with special focus on locus coeruleus structural and functional integrity.

2) Role of astrocytes during prodromal stages of neurodegenerative disorders.

Lab website: https://cbr.iisc.ac.in/people/smitha-karunakaran/

Prof. Balaji N. Kithiganahalli

Centre/Department: Microbiology and Cell Biology

Email: balaji@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Host response to tuberculosis, cryptococcal infections using animal models.

Lab website: https://mcbl.iisc.ac.in/k-n-balaji/

Dr. Sudha Kumari

Centre/Department: Microbiology and Cell Biology

Email: sudhakm@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Immunology, Cancer Immunotherapy.

Lab website: https://sudhakm.wixsite.com/immunosurveillance-l

Dr. Shovamayee Maharana

Centre/Department: Microbiology and Cell Biology

Email: shova@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Neurodegeneration, Aging, Protein aggregation, Chronic inflammation, Hyperglycemia.

Lab website: https://mcbl.iisc.ac.in/shovamayee-maharana/

Dr. Aravind Penmatsa

Centre/Department: Molecular Biophysics Unit

Email: penmatsa@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Structural biology and Pharmacology of integral membrane transporters in neurotransmission.

Lab website: https://aplabmbu.weebly.com

Prof. Purusharth I. Rajyaguru

Centre/Department: Biochemistry

Email: rajyaguru@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: RNA Biology.

Lab website: https://rajgodhuli.wixsite.com/rajyaguru-lab

Swaminathan S.

Dr. Swaminathan S.

Centre/Department: Nephrology, Division of Medical Sciences

Email: swami@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Iron metabolism, Kidney Diseases, Multiple Myeloma, Ageing, Brain-Kidney interactions, Acute Kidney Injury, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Artificial Intelligence, Chronic Kidney Disease.

Lab website: Yet to be established

Prof. Deepak Kumar Saini

Centre/Department: Developmental Biology and Genetics

Email: deepaksaini@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Aging, inflammation and clinical multiomics.

Lab website: https://sites.google.com/site/sainislab/home

Dr. Kesavardana Sannula

Centre/Department: Biochemistry

Email: skesav@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Zoonotic virus infections, pulmonary damage and cyotkine storm, Evolution of new virus variants.

Lab website: https://kesavlab.wordpress.com/

Prof. Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula

Centre/Department: Electrical Engineering

Email: css@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Image Processing, Machine Learning, AI for Healthcare.

Lab website: https://sites.google.com/view/spectrumlabeeiisc/spectrum-lab

Prof. Amit Singh

Centre/Department: Microbiology and Cell biology

Email: asingh@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Infectious diseases, AMR, drugs.

Lab website: https://cidr.iisc.ac.in/amit/

Dr. Meetali Singh

Centre/Department: Developmental Biology and Genetics

Email: meetalisingh@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Small RNA-mediated regulation of host-parasite interaction using Toxoplasma gondii as a model.

Lab website: https://www.meetalilab.com/

Prof. Kumaravel Somasundaram

Centre/Department: Microbiology and Cell Biology

Email: skumar1@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Genetics of Cancer, Cancer stem cells, Tumor angiogenesis, Glioblastoma, Targeted therapy.

Lab website: https://epigencancer.wixsite.com/ksslab

Dr. Kartik Sunagar

Centre/Department: Center for Ecological Sciences

Email: ksunagar@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Snakebite.

Lab website: https://www.venomicslab.com

Dr. Albert Stezin Sunny

Centre/Department: Centre for Brain Research

Email: albertstezin@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Neurodegenerative diseases (Motor and Cognitive disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Cerebellar disorders), Gait analysis, Cognitive-motor control.

Lab website: https://cbr.iisc.ac.in/people/albert-stezin-sunny/

Dr. William R. Surin

Centre/Department: Microbiology and Cell Biology

Email: wrsurin@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: 1. Deciphering platelet signalling pathways for better therapeutics for cardiovascular diseases. 

2. Development and validation of animal models and in vitro test systems for the treatment of inflammatory respiratory diseases.

Lab website: https://sites.google.com/site/wrsurin

Dr. Shashank Tripathi

Centre/Department: Center for Infectious Disease Research

Email: shashankt@iisc.ac.in

Area of Research: Respiratory and Vector Borne Viruses, Antivirals, Vaccines, Virus-Host Interactions.

Lab website: https://cidr.iisc.ac.in/shashank/