Biological Research Regulatory Approval Portal (BioRRAP)

Biological Research Regulatory Approval Portal (BioRRAP) is developed and maintained by the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India to track the regulatory approvals for a research proposal on a single portal.  BioRRAP is a central platform that directs the applicant to regulatory agencies providing requisite approval relevant to the biological research.

The portal is expected to streamline the regulatory process and affirm the ease of doing biological science research.

Who should apply?

All faculty and researchers of IISc undertaking biological research which require regulatory approval(s) are required to register at BioRRAP.

How to Register?

On the BioRRAP Home Page , click on ‘Application Submission’ tab and search for ‘Indian Institute of Science’ (by clicking on the Search Organization).  In the row displayed, click on “Request for new user” and submit required details. The request for creating a new user will be sent to IISc admin (Registrar) for review and further action.

After submitting the request on BioRRAP portal, please write an email to Registrar, IISc (copy to Office of Registrar) seeking approval for the same. Upon the approval of the Registrar, researcher will get login credentials on their registered email.

How to submit the proposal application?

Researchers has to login at BioRRAP with login credentials issued. Thereafter, click on “Submit New Proposal” under “New Proposal” section and submit the proposal by filling in the form.

A unique BioRRAP ID will be generated for each proposal registered at BioRRAP and the links of the regulatory authority portals will be provided to the applicant to submit the proposal for the regulatory approvals.

After submission, researcher can see a list of submitted proposals under “Proposal” section. Go on “Action For” and click on “Researcher”. A list of “Regulatory Authority Name” along with “email ID” and link for their portal will be available under the “Action” column.

For any questions or assistance in the registration process, please reach out to the Office of Research Grants, IISc at  

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